Chasing Ice - Canberra Film & Entertainment Festival
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Chasing Ice

A breathtakingly beautiful and deeply worrying documentary that provides clear evidence of the severity of climate change.


Multi-award winning nature photographer James Balog and a team of dedicated helpers spent five years struggling to set up time-lapse cameras on the world’s most significant glaciers as part of the Extreme Ice Survey. He was joined by filmmaker Jeff Orlowski, who follows the group through blizzards and freezing temperatures, capturing on camera the team dealing with failures in technology and the emotional constraints of human endurance. The result – including Balog’s astounding time-lapse images – is a compelling argument for the impact of climate change and a celebration of the beautiful architecture of ice.


“An entrancing and devastating documentary.”
Christie Ko, ScreenCrave


USA / 2O12 /
Documentary / 1O2mins


Jeff Orlowski


Mark Munroe


Jerry Aronson,
Paula DuPré Pesmen,
Jeff Orlowski


James Balog


Madman Entertainment