The Best Classic Movies of all Time
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The Best Classic Movies of all Time

Classic Movies

The Best Classic Movies of all Time

A definitive list or the elite one consist of some iconic names that have stood the ground and made unimaginable progress in their respective fields. These names will be credited for longevity, and their mark tends to inspire generations. This brings us to our topic, i.e. classic movies of all time. Some of you may have seen it, and some of you may have not (really?). Regardless, these movies achieved something that cannot be valued and hence we need to give credit where it is due. Hence, to make matters specific, here are the best classic movies of all time.

Citizen Kane (1941)

Producer, co-screenwriter, star and director, Orson Welles made a splash with the release of Citizen Kane. The film went on to win an Academy Award for best writing, and to this day, fans and filmmakers consider it to be one of the best of all time. Revolving around the investigation of a tycoon’s last words, the film will keep you engaged and you sure to be blown away. Numerous people always talk about the kind of revolution that it created back during its release, and people remember such things to this very day. Hence, if you haven’t watched Citizen Kane, then you need to understand what you’re lacking.


The Third Man (1949)

A sense of uniqueness tends to follow your mind as you complete watching The Third Man. This movie, released in 1949, is set post-World War Ⅱ Vienna and it revolves around Holly Martins. The mystery/drama genre was not a famous one back in 1949, but the movie managed to do wonders. With a unique storyline and tremendous performance, many consider the film to be a benchmark even in the modern era. The influence that the movie has on people is another thing that many tend to discuss from time to time.

The Third Man (1949)

Metropolis (1927)

If you believe that Sci-fi movies started during the 21st century, then you are wrong. With an initial release in 1927, Metropolis is a classic that will never be forgotten. Presenting a futuristic city that is filled with unpredictable things might seem like something that you would see during this age and time. But Metropolis broke all records and effortlessly displayed the same. Hence, take a break from your binge-watching series and watch this masterpiece.

Modern Times (1936)

It is quite hard to forget a man like Charlie Chaplin. The comic actor displayed a different kind of talent and made people with mere actions. He did not require a set of lines nor a hero’s entry. But the sooner he came on the screen, the faster you would begin to laugh out loud. An essential movie from his career needs to be Modern Times since it changed things for the better.


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