Top 6 Australian Movies
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Top 6 Australian Movies

Australian Movies

Top 6 Australian Movies

The only bad thing about the movie industry is every good movie we see; we think it’s a Hollywood masterpiece. But we forget that every country has its movie industry which is so good that people often fail to differentiate between Hollywood movies and rest. If you are looking for some incredible film from the Australian film industry, then here you go! If you are a fan of Australian cinema, do watch the following astonishing cinema. This list has been compiled courtesy of Carlingford Music Sydney.

1.     Mad Max (1979)

Mad Max is a profound thought related film, which depicts extreme earth and its existence. When the ground uses almost every resource available and is left with nothing, the extinction of land is shown. It is to remind us that earth is poorly treated and we need to take care of our planet. Since the movie is old, it has no significant effects and innovations like the latest version of it. But it is a must-watch and top-rated Australian film.

Mad Max (1979)

2.    Gallipoli (1981)

Gallipoli is an Australian history-oriented film. It revolves around the political and patriotism movements of Australian independence from the United Kingdom. As we all know, freedom is never achieved without thousands and millions of people losing their lives. The exact scenarios are shown in the film that explains every bit of the Australian struggle.

3.    Dirty Deeds (2002)

This is one of my favourite movies. The character in this film named Barry Ryan controls most of the gambling trades in Sydney. The film is about how he makes the best niche profits out of all slot machines in the city. But the twist in the movie starts when all of his wealth and possession comes down crashing when America starts venturing into the country. The film shows many scenes from the Vietnam War, Australian wars and how tall these affected the economic growth of the country and so on.

4.    Ned Kelly (2003)

Every child, teenager and adults of the generation know who Ned Kelly is. He is one of the infamous Australian who wore a suit of armour and led a shootout.  Heath Ledger plays the very character. The movie is not the perception inducer but shows the early life of Ned and what caused him to end up into a disaster. The film is a disclaimer and shows both the perspective.

5.    Wolf Creek

Wolf Creek

This movie is based on a real incident that took place in Australia. The character is Mick Taylor, who is a murderous psychopath pretends to manipulate the tourists to kill them as he hates backpackers who visit Australia.

6.   Chopper

The Chopper shows the 1980 Melbourne, which was a hub of crime and drug addiction. It is about a man named Mark Read escaping from prison; in the end, he wins his price with freedom and cutting down both of his ears and entitles with the name Chopper. The movie is slow but entertaining. The life in Melbourne gives you goose berms.

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