Maps to the Stars - Canberra Film & Entertainment Festival
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Maps to the Stars

David Cronenberg takes on the Hollywood he has been side-stepping throughout his career in this spooky, satirical indictment of the fame game.


Julianne Moore serves a signature stunner of a performance as Havana Segrand, an insecure middleaged Hollywood actress becoming increasingly desperate and ruthless in her schemes to land the lead role in a remake of a film her mother had starred in.


Her therapist, Dr. Weiss [John Cusack] is a TV psychologist and self-help guru who makes a mint off celebrity clients and his megastar teenage son whose career is booming as much as his ego and drug problems.


Into the mix walks Agatha [Canberra’s own, Mia Wasikowska], a recovering pyromaniac who Havana has hired as an assistant based on a Twitter recommendation from Carrie Fisher, and her friend Jerome [Robert Pattinson] a struggling actor getting by as a limo driver.


It’s a vacuous world of celebrity self-indulgence into which Cronenberg lets rip with biting satire and social commentary, and then twists it all with some supernatural thrills and mystery. It’s a Kardashian’s worst nightmare: outrageous, witty, unapologetically smart and seriously unsettling.