Dirty Wars - Canberra Film & Entertainment Festival
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Dirty Wars

Be taken to the frontline in this piercing exposé on the ongoing War On Terror.


Jeremy Scahill is the national security correspondent for The Nation, a best-selling author (Blackwater) and a razor-sharp investigative journalist. In his latest investigation he turns his focus to the machinations of the War on Terror and uncovers an officially sanctioned, black-ops, assassination squad.


The Joint Special Operations Command is one of the most shadowy elite forces on the planet. As the team responsible for killing Osama Bin Laden, they’ve already achieved notoriety but Scahill opens up the full scale of their covert operations. He reveals that they report only to the White House, which empowers them to “find, fix and finish” their targets (often without due process), and that their kill list includes US citizens. Persuasively researched and engagingly presented, Dirty Wars is an explosive film as arresting as any Hollywood feature.


English, Arabic, Dari,
Somali, English subtitles |
Documentary | 2013 | 87 min


18 + only


Rick Rowley


Jeremy Scahill,
David Riker


Anthony Arnove,
Brenda Coughlin,
Jeremy Scahill


Madman Entertainment