Lex Lindsay

CIFF Artistic Director

The Canberra International Film Festival is the flagship film event of contemporary world cinema in the Australian Capital. CIFF combines the very best of internationally acclaimed cinema, emerging local talent, challenging, conversation provoking film, and a unique program of discussions and forums. CIFF is “the thinking persons film festival.”

In 2014, we will screen 65 extraordinary films from more than 30 countries with over 130 screenings across 18 days. We will be exploring themes that range from hope to denial, from war to womanhood and many more. We hope that everyone will embrace this year’s selection of films and the conversations they spark, delving deeper into the critical and sometimes comical issues facing Australia and the world today. We have gathered an intelligent, witty and dynamic group of commentators from a broad range of specialist areas to give us their insight in around this year’s themes.

Our extended 18-day format will hopefully give you more opportunity than ever before to see these wonderful works from all corners of the globe.

The CIFF team is excited to bring you the 18th CIFF where we will have come of age! We encourage you to look at the benefits of becoming a CIFF member so that you can enjoy the many extras you will receive over the coming year as well as the heavily discounted tickets to festival screenings.

We launch the program exclusively to CIFF Members on Thursday 25th September at Dendy Cinemas, Canberra Centre. Don’t forget to check back for detailed information at 11am on the 26th where we will reveal all.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the 18th Canberra International Film Festival.