Katy Gallagher

ACT Chief Minister

Welcome to the Canberra International Film Festival.

The festival has been a highlight of the Canberra calendar for the last 17 years and I have enjoyed watching the high quality work of talented film makers from Australia and around the world develop and emerge during this time.

In the centenary year for Canberra, over 12 days attendees saw almost 100 screenings of more than 60 titles from across the globe. But what’s really exciting about the festival is that as well as viewing some amazing films, people also have the opportunity to take part in debates, forums, Q&A sessions, panel discussions and chats in the Festival Lounge.

The ACT is lucky to be the home of a thriving and diverse arts scene which plays an important role in the rich make-up of Canberra’s cultural identity.

The Canberra International Film Festival is always well attended throughout the 12 day duration and I would encourage everyone from across the city to get to a screening and take part in the unique experiences the festival has to offer.

Lex Lindsay

CIFF Artistic Director

‘Tis a season of change across our country and capital and you might notice some changes to your favourite film festival too. This year’s program is curated under a collection of talking points, designed to inspire your imagination long before your ticket is torn and popcorn purchased.

We begin with the unholy trinity of things you should never discuss in polite company – Sex, Politics and Religion. Let’s do away with those demure courtesies. This is the capital we are duty bound to speak of such things. Yes?

We follow this with a focus on the unique relationships and responsibilities that we have to ourselves and to each other in Individual, Family and Planet. Please note, there are a number of films in this section that you can share with the teens in your tribe too.

And finally, we celebrate those central human experiences that cinema has such a powerful way of enlightening for us all – Life, Love and Liberty.

For each theme we have six films and at least one conversation, each offering their own take on the topic through a variety of styles and genres. You might choose to delve right in and explore one or two themes in their entirety, or handpick your festival across the range. Either way, I hope our talking points entertain and illuminate in equal measure, and help facilitate those broader discussions our festival aims to inspire.

We’re also here for the thrills, so make sure you check out Freaky Fridays at the NFSA. Get in early for a ticket to our spectacular opener All Is Lost and sharpen your fangs for our special centerpiece presentation, Only Lovers Left Alive.

In welcoming you to the festival, I must also say thank you. Thank you for the very warm welcome I have received. From the CIFF team, board, staff and volunteers; to the partner organisations who help make the event happen; to the members and punters I’m loving getting to know. It has been wonderful to feel so immediately embraced and both a privilege and pleasure to present this program to you.

Nicole Mitchell

CIFF President

Welcome to the Canberra International Film Festival – where the world comes to us – on screen – for 12 intoxicating days of film.

CIFF celebrates ideas and creates conversations through the power of cinema – cinema that has been created by passionate and talented filmmakers from around the globe.

Our energetic Artistic Director Lex Lindsay scours the world to hand-pick the very best films to share with us. Lex’s exciting program of film screenings and discussions will entertain and grip – provoke and inspire.

I gratefully acknowledge the hard-working CIFF team: the CIFF board, staff and volunteers – whose contributions combine to deliver this fantastic festival each year. I’d like to thank all our partner organisations for their wholehearted support – without them we wouldn’t be here! We are particularly grateful to the ACT Government for their continuing commitment through ArtsACT and the ACT Event Fund. And special thanks to our founding partner the University of Canberra for championing the festival.

Please enjoy the Canberra International Film Festival — a unique window to the world.